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Birthdate:Jan 4

Name: Asher
Age: 400-600. (Ie: Who knows.)
Physical Description: 6' tall, long blonde hair with extremely light blue eyes. Extremely attractive - on the left side of his body. The right is grotesquely scarred - like melted way, down past his thigh. His back is *mostly* untouched. The scars on his face start a bit right of midline; his eye, nose and mouth are unaffected.
Point taken from canon timeline, or nature of AU-ness: Early in Narcissus in Chains.
Brief Personality Description: Moody. Broken.
Brief History: Asher was originally a member of Belle Morte's court. Initially jealous of Jean-Claude for his beauty, Asher and Jean-Claude eventually became lovers. Asher, Jean-Claude, and Asher's human servant Julianna then left Belle Morte to travel the world. Their time together (20 years) came to an end when Asher and Julianna were captured; before Jean-Claude could leave his dying mother and save them, Julianna was burned at the stake as a witch and Asher was permanently disfigured by holy water.

For a century afterward, Asher was exiled from Belle's court and Jean-Claude served the Council - in exchange for Asher's life. The following two hundred years, Asher was in service of the council, who treated him as a side-show freak.

Asher came to St. Louis (with the Council) with the intention of killing Anita as revenge for Jean-Claude not being with them or saving Julianna. That obviously did not happen, though the Yevette had intended to use Asher's had to dispose of Jean-Claude.

At the point he is taken from canon, Asher is the Manger of the Circus, and Jean-Claude's second in command. He and Jean-Claude have reached a fitful and uncertain truce. They are not sleeping together - because, Anita would 'dump him', if Jean-Claude shared his bed with another man.

Powers: None of this will be used on another character without player consent. It is here only as a reference.

Taken from Anita Blake Wiki:

Like many of the master vampires of Belle Morte's line, Asher's powers revolve around seduction. His powers are more intimate than those of Belle Morte and Jean-Claude, and seem to center around personal seduction.

Rolling. Asher's ability to roll victims with his eyes is nearly unparalleled, and he is one of the few vampires with the ability to roll Anita, despite her formidable defenses.

Asher's bite is (read: Can be, for game play) literally orgasmic, to the point where his victims (including Anita) may become literally addicted to his bite, and may experience orgasmic flash-backs hours or days after being bitten.

Although Asher cannot draw power from lust like Jean-Claude or Anita, he appears able to draw power from those he has deeply seduced (in this case, only Anita).

Flying. Asher is one of the best vampires Anita has seen at flying.

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